I am a chicken when it comes to turkey.

I am a chicken when it comes to turkey or any raw meat for that matter.  True story...I think raw meat is disgusting.  While I am getting better and more domestic residing in the middle of no where...I still have to try real hard to suppress my gag reflex when it comes to preparing protein.

Believe it or not...I made my first turkey last thanksgiving and no one died.  E's sister and her 3 babes visited us in Battle Mountain for the holiday.

The Turkey
I did in fact get some help and encouragement.  Erin put her hands in the turkey to retrieve the nasty stuff in the bag. Everyone ate some and no one died.  I think it turned out rather tasty truthfully. Erica made the most delicious sweet potato muffins- I made them this year but I swear they were not as good as hers.
This is the only picture of us at the table.  No turkey just playing Scrabble.
Keep It Clean
We made soap, it was pretty fun to show them how to make a batch of soap.  They all seemed generally interested, so it made it fun.  We made a batch of Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Fresh Snow.

Exploring the Luxuries of Battle Mountain
I think it took all of 2 hours to have lunch at the Mexican restaurant, checkout the Desert Dollar and the "Boutique." They could hardly contain their excitement.

It wouldn't be a family affair without shooting a few guns.  We went out to a pit and did a little target shooting with the hand guns and .22.

Austin & Uncle E

Anissa & Uncle E
I'm only 365 days behind now…Crazy to think it's already been a year.

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