Let's make like a tree and LEAVE

We woke up this morning to 48 degree weather....summer is surely on its way out! However, I am not the least bit sad about it because as the season changes we are also finding ourselves in a new season of LIFE.

Our days are numbered here in Voyageurs National Park!  My last day is September 21st and E's last day is the 22nd!  As much as I have enjoyed my days off up here- the volunteer gig has burned me out.  Let's just say I think volunteer retention may be an issue in the Namakan District.  I am proud of myself for not quitting and proud of my love for finishing an awesome season.  He rocks as a ranger.  However- being an interpretive ranger leaves some things left to be desired for him here in Kabetogama- like being outside, interacting with people that actually utilize the resource, and having a little more diversification in his responsibilities.

So we prayed about our next move both geographically and professionally.  And we really feel that God has been a big part of this decision and opportunity.

The love was offered an Outdoor Recreation Planner Position in Battle Mountain, NV with the Bureau of Land Management.  The position is a wonderful opportunity for him.  I couldn't be more proud of his awesome accomplishment.  I've learned that the Department of the Interior positions are so coveted and hard to get-so I am overjoyed that he was offered this position.

Battle Mountain is not the most glamorous place on the map- but we don't care.  Like the love says..."that's why we want to go there" to get away from chaos and the yahoos!  We think it will be a great opportunity for our relationship to grow.  We don't have friends or family in the area so we'll have to make new friends and really it will be one of the first opportunities to have a group of "our" friends- until now it has really been "my" friends or "his" friends.  Battle Mountain is in a great location out west- we will be "relatively" close to so many National Parks, wilderness areas, and areas we have never explored together.

What about the Love Shack
Many of you have already asked about the Love Shack- Are you still going to live in it?  Are you going to sell it?  Well...we are not actively looking for buyers...we have both fallen in love with the vintage cutie!  But as they say..."Everything is for sale...for the right price."  I hope we bring it to NV- I know we'd get use out of it!  We will be moving back into a real home...we will be renting a home which is offered to government employees.

This is our last week here we are heading back to the Twin Cities on the 23rd!  See some of you SOON!!!

E, J, & Loaf