J's Soap Experiment

Okay... I've picked up soaping again and I'm getting serious.  That's why I am participating in Amy Warden's latest soap challenge!  I need a new mold like nobody's business.  Bramble sponsored her magma soap experiment, check it out!  It turned out pretty cool.  Amy added  more colors and swirl than I, but she is a champ soaper and I'd still consider myself a rookie soaper.

I really ought to figure out how to edit video.  Taking pictures of the process by yourself isn't the smartest or easiest thing to do while dealing with lye and working with time sensitive goo.  Here are the photo's from my stab at the Cold Process + Melt & Pour technique.  I'll be cutting tomorrow so stay tuned to see what the final product looks like!

I checked out the instructions that Amy worked with on the SoapQueen blog.  And worked it from there.

Working my own Cold Process Recipe. 

Clear Melt & Pour Glycerin Base with Bramble Ultraviolet Purple Lab Color.
Saran Wrap to help slow it from forming the tomato soup film.
Pouring the Lye into the oils.  NEVER THE REVERSE!
BAM Saponification
Base Layer ~1/3 - Light Purple & Lavender Scented
I nearly covered all the M&P before I added another layer of the CP.
Added Lavender Buds and Swirled it.

It definitely feels wrong when you swirl M&P with CP.  But I'm hoping it turns out awesome.  It's chilling in the fridge as we speak.  Check back tomorrow for the reveal and in the mean time help me name this bar.   You need to see it first?  Yeah I know me too.

I started out with M&P years ago.  Since graduating to cold process- I'm a snob and think M&P is cheating!  But this is a different concept that will allow for a different look!  I'm excited to break it out of the mold!  Speaking of molds I really hope I get that fabulous mold that doesn't work for Amy!  Special thanks to Amy for hosting awesome challenges!


Beautiful?  I think so too...Lavender Lava...Hmmm?


  1. How cool!!! I love the look you got! Lavender Lava...works for me!

  2. Wow that's sure is different - I like it, x Linda

  3. Beautiful soap!Nice experience, can't wait to try it too!

  4. Looks Great! Lavender Lava does sound good!