J's Love for E


E is everything I never knew I always wanted, so it's going to be tough sharing all of his wonderfulness on only one page☺.
  1. He is so super-d-duper smart.  I am actually a bit jealous of his ability to research or try something new and instantly become an expert.  We took in surfing lessons one time (both for the first time have you) and of course he's riding the waves the second set out. My brakes in my truck were wearing thin and he was adamant about fixin' the squeak.  He read a book, bought a couple parts, and within the day the problem was fixed.
  2. He's kind.  E has a big heart, sometimes its not the most obvious but he does.  He opens the car door for me...(not as much as he once did☺), carries my purse when we're out and it becomes too heavy, runs to Starbucks while I'm in the shower and surprises me with my favorite WCM, he helps my Dad out, and most importantly he is such a great uncle to my nephew Schmoo.
  3. A girl couldn't ask for a better forever friend.  When I say he's everything I never knew I always wanted...I mean that...I didn't know they still made good men like him.  I didn't know that life could be this happy.  E's crazy sarcastic goofy sense of humor is a perfect compliment to my ridiculous need to laugh easily and often.  We really have so much fun together.  We both are willing to try and do anything and that's what makes us work, sometimes the interest is mutual but sometimes it's about compromise.  Like the time he came to the jewelry stamping class or the times that I go to the fishing shops (I like to fish but I can't spend 5 hours at Thorne Brothers).
  4. He's a simple man.  He doesn't want a life that requires a lot of material things, doesn't pretend to be anyone he's not, and will not compromise what he wants because of societal norms.  He wants to be a Park Ranger...not because of the pay but because he loves the outdoors, appreciates nature, and is a fabulous story teller.  I must say he's a bit more dorky than I ever thought I'd settle down with...but it makes it more fun that way!
  5. Christ lives in his heart.  Loving on the Lord has become a very important part of my life and I am so happy that I have found someone who not only understands but makes me feel comfortable in my own faith.  After all it was his idea to join small groups at church, and he has supported me in both my mission trips to Ukraine.  E has solid core beliefs about right and wrong, being a contributing member of community, and love.  He's never shy about saying "I love you", to be quite honest the phase might be a bit overplayed in our relationship- but I love the reassurance.  Afterall God did create us to be in relationship with Him and others!  I have a very fitting line item in a blog I started and have neglected after starting this one...check it out Life is Short Stay Awake.