E's Love for J

I like to say that if everybody just took care of one other person the world would be a better place. For me that person is Jessica. We didn’t meet under the most typical circumstances, but then again our lives have been anything but. Everything about her was perfect that first date except one thing, she lived half way across the country.  I felt that she was worth pursuing. I felt that I didn’t have anything to lose. She could be the woman of my dreams. After a few visits I decided that I had to be close to her, so I packed up and moved. One thing that I know about Jess is that she realizes that she has one life to live and she wants to live it to the fullest. That doesn’t mean lavish possessions or all night parties. Instead she wants to have memorable experiences and meaningful relationships. Just the person I want by my side. She gets frustrated at times, but that is because she wants to be great at what she does, if not the best.

She is keen on living her life on her own terms, and searching for what truly makes her happy, where she can shine.  Before we met we led our lives thousands of miles apart, but our pasts are quite similar. Today we stand together having a vision of what we want for our future, and she motivates me to work towards achieving it and more. With her there is no aiming for the top of the tree, were aiming for the next galaxy. We may not make it, but we will see how far we can get. There have been a few years of road put behind us, and I must say that Jess truly makes me happy and excited about life. Her smile and laugh make it all worthwhile, and the letter and notes she leaves me are just icing on the cake.

We are both about to start a new journey together in our lives with excitement and uncertainty. We may succeed or we may fail, but we are going to make the leap that many fail to make when chasing their dreams and that is to try. There will be ups and downs and a few things in between, but I wouldn’t want to share them with anybody but her.