Love. Crazy. Spontaneity.

As young as our love maybe for each other, our love for adventure and freedom stems from childhood.  Jessica’s fondest childhood memories are spending time at the cabin, on the lake, and in the hunting woods.  Ethan often shares stories about the Oregon coast, about wanting a lifestyle different than most, and about solitude.  These things are hard to come by in an urban setting and an unconventional lifestyle is the choice we have made for our future.

As crazy as it may seem to most, we are hardly the couple forging ahead to live life on the road.  There are a lot of people who have decided this path for their lives- all propelled by different reasons; choosing adventure over conformity, spontaneity over security, and life experiences over material things.  We are giving up our humble-young adult- beginnings and calling a 1978- 20 foot travel trailer our home for the next…while.  We don’t know for how long, but it’s what we want for now.

We just don’t feel life should be as predictable as it has become for us.  We want a little more spontaneity and a little less regularity.

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