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Life has been a little more exciting since the last post.

Battle Mountain now has a MAVERIK!  Can you believe it?  We're doing it big here in Northern Nevada, I mean a Maverik, a Family Dollar, McDonald's, Wells Fargo....and a delicious Mexican restaurant.

E was very excited about the grand opening of the Maverik.  He was about to set up a tent and wait at the door!  It didn't get that carried away but we were in fact present at the grand opening- free samples galore- I didn't even have to cook dinner!

We volunteered to plant sagebrush seedlings to improve the winter habitat for mule deer and other species in a burn area- the BLM, Elko District partnered with Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and Nevada Muley’s for this initiative.  Click here to read the press release about all our good work.

I loved it- we were able to take in a new area, enjoy the fresh air, and met some new people. During the lunch break E & I explored a bit, as we were in a new area.  Much to my excitement I found my very first shed- it wasn't a monster, just a forker but exciting none the less.
Because I was so excited to find that shed- E&I decided that we ought to check out a new area in hopes of finding sheds the following weekend.  The Fish Creek Range was not so good to us when it came to sheds, in fact we didn't see much deer sign at all.  However, the eagles were out and gave us quite the show!!!! Golden Eagles are different than Bald Eagles but my summer at Voyageurs taught me that eagles do the whole courtship thing mid-air by locking talons and that's just what these crazy eagles did.  Speaking of eagles, there are 72 bald eagles in Voyageurs National Park this year....I encourage all my MN friends to check it out!  Make the drive- they are spectacular to watch!
As we were glassing the foothills, I spotted two masses that were pretty big but didn't fit the shape of a cow or deer- I did a double take and much to my surprise, I spotted two wild horses.  Very exciting...my first wild horse experience ever!  They must of separated from the herd because we were in a herd mgmt. area.  Wild horses are a pretty controversial issue around here. Click here to read an old article that shares a bit about the controversy.  The wild horses were pretty cool though, E thought it would be a good idea to get closer for a picture. Ummm....NO!  He about gave me an anxiety attack....I for real thought they were about to get up and trample him!  The one on the right looked a little homely, the ears look a bit off, and they both were super skinny...tear.  What's even worse is about a week later we actually ate horse and I actually like it!  Friend's of ours had us over for dinner and games and it's what was for dinner!  Pulled pony sandwiches....they even sent us home with some, hopefully I can hold myself together when I prepare it!
E had to check out Squaw Tit after the wild horse fiasco.  I was so over it by that time I hiked half way up and took a picture of E. 
Another fabulous part of living in Battle Mountain is the domestic goddess in me is coming out in full force!  I've always been pretty good about keeping a clean house (I still struggle with laundry- the whole start to finish thing-ugh).  But I am actually cooking edible deliciousness!  I must give my new very special friend, Mandi, the credit though because she shares her tried and true recipes with me!  So I've made homemade chicken pot pie which wasn't all salty & goo like the store bought ones, carrot & cucumber soup, a delicious Waldorf salad, strawberry chicken poppy seed salads, pork roast & pork tenderloin which is becoming a specialty, Greek salads, pulled chicken fajitas & tacos...the list is getting longer too.  E is pretty proud and surprised by my new found skills.  The fact that he is former military does work in my favor though...whatever is a bit bland or a complete failure he will politely ask for more condiments.  Throw a little ketchup or BBQ sauce and he's content!

I am saddened to share that www.picnik.com has closed up shop and has integrated itself with google+, super lame. I apologize for all of the individual pictures, the new photo editor I found does not offer collages quite yet, put is pretty easy to navigate, www.picmonkey.com.

Stay tuned for our next post about our Denver trip!

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