Life Happens. And Happens. And Happens.

It's been awhile since our last post, it seems life happens- and keeps happening...again and again. Please be patient as I try to put to the keyboard the joys of our last 4 months.

E's childhood friend, Cody, married a pretty gal in May.  We spent a long weekend in California with his sister- who is so hospitable it makes our trips even more enjoyable. We had to make a few stops along the way to stretch our legs, take Loaf for a potty break, and take in the incredible scenery.  

I love little dudes.  E's nephew Austin is a future MLB-er.  I was so impressed by his team- all of them hit well, they could throw a ball with precision and had such a competitive spirit.  I know some of you reading this will say they are young and that shouldn't matter.  But I truly believe that having a friendly competitive spirit is healthy.  I don't think it's healthy that every kid makes the team these days, if you suck, try harder the next time, improve yourself. I think to some level this is part of the toxicity of the entitlement epidemic. 
Back to the MVP player though- Austin is a rockstar and I thoroughly enjoyed getting an opportunity to watch him play ball.  It was even more happy that his team won and that we were able to see Austin play catcher a few innings.

My handsome Love & I getting all fancy for Cody's celebration of love to his Mrs. Forever!  I look tan must have been those California rays.

We looked good that night, but not as good as the bride and groom.  They looked absolutely stunning....

What bride do you know has the guts to make her own cake?  And then to have it turn out this beautiful?  Yup...Cody is a very lucky man- this beautiful cake was made by the bride herself and just as a side note she makes killer hot cocoa to boot!

That same weekend also happened to be Mother's Day so we made plans to go fishing with his sister and Austin.  It was a fun day in the sun but no such luck fishing.  It may have all to do with the pesky jet skis and nothing to do with the guys fishing techniques!  Regardless, it was a fun morning spent outdoors with family we don't see all that often.

Before we skipped town we also headed to his mama's house to stop in and say hello.  I am disappointed to share that I didn't take any pictures of Miss Barbara.  It must be noted that she had the opportunity to step inside a Costco for the very first time!  Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not sure what she'd say, I introduced her to pretzel buns- the most delicious carb on earth!

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