Schmoo Baby's Summer Visit

So it's been awhile, I am fully aware.  I thought I'd pick up again as I have a lot to blog about and once I catch up to present day I figure I'll be able to convince E to take me on an exotic vacation to somewhere tropical for more blogging material. Yup, I'm dreaming- you're right.

I left you all with a post about my trip to Minnesota last summer and ended with wanting to share about the roadtrip with my Schmoo Baby.  I've created a Picaboo picture book for him, as I've created picture books from all of our vacations/summer getaways the past couple of years.  I had so much fun making looking at all the pictures from last summer and reading his journal entries.  He cracks me up, such a good sense of humor for a little dude!  This has been a LONG project for me, but I finally finished it and I can't wait to order, receive and send it off to Schmoo.

I had such a good time with Schmoo and look forward to a roadtrip of some sort this summer.  Although, he tells me he wants to take the shortcut to Nevada this time.  The only shortcut I know is an airplane and even then we have to drive between 3-6 hours to get to Battle Mountain.

I've been having a hard time with purpose and not being able to work in a profession that I've always aspired to be in, so finishing the scrapbook this past week probably wasn't the best idea.  I miss my Dad and my Schmoo entirely too much.  One day I will look back at my time in Battle Mountain and be like 'Oh' that's what God was wanting me to do during that season in my life.' Until then I am struggling to see the big picture.


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