Elk Hunting in Colorado

A guy from church, well call him- C, encouraged E to put in for a tag and invited him (and me to tag along) to hunt with his family in Gardner, CO. E drew a Colorado cow elk tag and we headed to Southern Colorado last November. It was a bit warm for hunting season, so as a tag along it made it quite enjoyable, but for E it didn't provide many opportunities. 

C's son, J, has been hunting the area for 10+ years and was familiar with the terrain. E is not much of a sitter...he's more of a spot and stalk kinda guy. So he put a few miles on during the week.

J, his two sons, E and myself walked a ridge line and got super-d-duper excited when we spotted a huge elk across the way.  We even went as far as getting in position.

Unfortunatley, everyone had cow tags and it was a big beautiful bull elk. False alarm. The elk itself was amazing and we stopped and watched it for awhile.

Loaf was guardian of the LoveShack during the day. You didn't think we'd leave him at home did you?

No elk were harvested, but an enjoyable time was had.

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