Home Sweet Home

There really is no place like home.  E and I have been back in the Twin Cities for 12 days and we have about 12 days left before our big move.  Like I mentioned in the last post- change is upon us in so many ways.  Fall is the most beautiful time of the year- I love the fresh crisp air, the leaves turning beautiful bright yellows, reds, and oranges, and the rustling of leaves as the wind blows!  Here are a few pictures of the beautiful colors that I took this past weekend up at my Great Uncle Richard's place.

Such a good time spent with my Gmama, Dad, Schmoo Baby, E-Love, my Dad's cousin Chrissy, and my Great Uncle Richard.  They offer up such great hospitality and Schmoo has such an affinity for Chris! 

As we prepare for our move to Battle Mountain- it is bittersweet.  The past two weeks that we have been home- have been wonderful!  We've had such a great time staying with the Henslins, taking in Schmoo's football games, hanging out with Dad and Gmama, my cousins- We really do have awesome people in our lives.  So we hope to jam pack the next 12 days with more quality time with family and friends before we head out of town.

Of course anticipation is in our blood- I hate waiting and am well aware of my lack of patience when it comes to anything.  I like instantaneous results- E has a lot of patience.  However, I know he is really stoked to get out there and begin his 1st real big boy job with BLM. And for me I want to get out there, set up my little home office, feel comfortable, and really dig into my new position. 

We feel very blessed with how our life is evolving- God is good- he has answered our prayers and continues to show himself in our lives everyday.

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