Blog Resuscitation

It has been over 2 months since I have given this blog any love...WoW do I feel like an awful blogger!  Jesus loves me despite my faults and I hope you can find it in your heart to do the same.

What can I say we've been busy...very busy.  Things are actually starting to feel semi normal out here in the high desert.

We said our goodbyes to the wonderful people in the great state of Minnesota! 
See pictures below:   
A fun day at the Children's Museum with the Schmoos! 

Thank you KT for fitting me in before I left!
 Thank goodness for forever friends- no matter how many miles or how much time separates...
you know that you still have solid friendships waiting to be picked up where you left off!  
Hibachi with some awesome dudes!
Kara Beara 9er & Chris - Lovely Evening

Hadn't seen these goons in awhile.  It was great to catch up! 

October 17th was a bittersweet day...we headed west.  We spent the night of the 17th in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The next day we were ready to conquer our planned route to Cheyenne, WY.  E was uber excited to stop in Kearny - we have the best timing because that section of the Interstate was being closed off for something!  So we took a detour and backtracked just to visit the Archway in Kearney.

E in all his glory.
Sidney, NE Home of Cabela's HQ...E made it a point to stop in & check it out.
We stopped in Cheyenne for the night and enjoyed a delicious Outback dinner.  I seriously never get sick of that food...yummo.  The hotel was by far the nicest of our trip and the staff at the Days Inn were fabulous.
We couldn't stop at the Elk Penis but he made sure we stopped at the Ames Monument .

Beautiful Utah welcomed us on Wednesday the 19th of October.
We stayed the night in Salt Lake City which was great because neither one of us had ever been there.  We still had some day light left so E & I explored the city.  The city is beautiful- very clean, has a lot of trees and beautiful architecture.  Of course it is Utah and home of the LDS Temple Square - I was very impressed by the beautiful buildings.

Bonneville Salt Flats were a sight to be seen very cool place to check out.
Originally, we planned to stay a night in Elko, Nevada however their hotels don't love dogs as much as I love dogs so E called the BLM office and we were able to head straight to our new home.  Elko is a little over an hour from Battle Mountain so it wasn't very much further to press on for the day.  We met E's coworker here at the house.  I must say that it wasn't the most welcoming feeling but it was home.  The place had been vacant for a long while, dust accumulates fast here in NV, and cleaning supplies were very much needed.  We didn't get the memo that we needed to supply our own refrigerator.  WHAT?  Seriously...who rents a place without a fridge?  Apparently its common here in the west, I think it's ridiculous.  It didn't have a washer and dryer either- which didn't shock me but I was bummed.  Needless to say after some Lysol, Pine-sol, Windex, Febreeze, bleach, scotch pads, vacuuming, sweeping, wall washing, and some appliance buying.... a rather spacious house for 2 humans and a dog in the booming town of Battle Mountain has become our stationary love shack for now!

E started his big boy job the following Monday!
To be continued...

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