So Pooks is an ORP which means he's an Outdoor Recreation Planner.  Is that the coolest job title that you have ever heard?  Yeah me too...I totally went the wrong route... business, marketing, event planner, sales...blah blah blah.  Outdoor Recreation Planner sounds so much cooler!

He is currently about 7 weeks in and from my understanding he still really enjoys it.  However, he has yet to get email/computer access...really federal government..really? (that's an entirely different post and a topic that I am just not going to cover on this blog).  We are here in the great state of Nevada, which over 80% is government owned.  A good chunk of that is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, Native American reservations, and military bases and the such.  Ethan's Office manages 4.4 million acres of Nevada and he's responsible for the designated recreation sites within the boundaries- yea he's a pretty important dude.

I can't express how happy I am for him to have secured this position.  I am also super proud because there is nothing better than to see someone plan, work hard, kick butt, and achieve a goal!

Here are a few of the recreation sites that he is responsible for:

Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area

Spencer Hot Springs

E spent a night out in the field the first month we were here with a co-worker to take a peak at these two areas that are bit out there.  This time of year ORPs are not in the field as much so once Spring rolls in I expect more lonely nights...tear.

We've been out to Mill Creek Campground and the Copper Basin Trail which are both just south of town.  So there's a lot to see and do and I think E love will benefit from starting his BLM career here in Battle Mountain.  We've not claimed to move to the best place in the US but Battle Mountain has wonderful things to offer both professionally and otherwise.  This place is working out just fine.

To be Continued...

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