A California Christmas

E & I spent 6 fabulous days in California for Christmas.  We rolled in on a Friday had a wonderful dinner in Sacramento with his brother Dana and sister-in-law Trish.  The two times I have been to their house Dana has prepared amazing food.  Seriously- it's a shame they don't move to Elko because I'd let them have us over for dinner all the time!

While we were there it seemed like everyone in their neighborhood took turns bringing them homemade goodies and gifts for the holidays!  Maybe we should reconsider Nevada and move to their neighborhood!  Just kidding- Trish was gracious enough to share one of the homemade goodies- Chocolate Mint Cookies-they were to die for delicious!  I have since purchased stock in the Andes Mint Baking Chips and have created a couple batches myself!  I love mint chocolate and am unsure if Trish sharing those cookies was a good thing or a bad thing!

After a lovely dinner we headed to his sister Erica's house, who was kind enough to host us for our California Adventure.  Those people at Hotel de' Erica are very hospitable.  We got to her house pretty late but stayed up for a bit chatting and catching up.

The next morning was Christmas Eve we had a little bit of shopping to do- so of all places we ended up at the Bass Pro Shop on Christmas Eve.  The store was huge and beautiful.  We made our purchases and left.  We checked out a few thrift stores in hopes of finding treasures for our new home.  I'd say we did okay I found a beautiful mirror and dresser for $25.00 for my office.
I think the pieces are nice additions...what do you think?
That night we met up with E's childhood friend, Cody and his soon to be wife.  We went out for Sushi (yum) and back to their place for some ping pong- wholly smokes was that a workout!  Thank you Erica for watching Loaf while we were out!
Cody & E battling it out.
On Christmas Day we woke up to find that Santa had figured out that we were in California!  We even had stockings waiting for us by the fireplace.  I am so glad that we spent Christmas with Erica and her babes!  It really doesn't feel like the holidays without kids.  Austin opened all of his gifts in the morning and it was fun to see his excitement.  Sorry Eric you're a big kid now you have to open your presents when the adults do!
There's the cutie patootie gearing up to open his presents!
After watching Austin open all his gifts we went to church at CrossPoint Community Church and then headed to Lodi to pick up his Mom and brother Rich.  Little did I know we were also escorting "Elvis."  We headed back to Erica's and spent the remainder of the day enjoying each others' company, opening presents, filling up on deliciousness, and sharing some laughs.
"Elvis" & The Creator
I am so glad that E was gifted an elephant gift by Erica and Eric.  Apparently, it's an inside joke that goes way back to when E was a youngster.  He was cleaning out his closet back in the day and came upon an old suit that obviously did not fit.  So rather than tossing it he decided to put it on and rip it fat guy in a little coat style. But it didn't end there Erica took him out in public with the obnoxious look.  So this Christmas he was gifted with an outfit that was already torn up and he did a little reenactment for all of us. Good Laughs at his expense!
I'm pretty sure Mom almost died here!
MeatLoaf also enjoyed his California Christmas!  I don't think he knew exactly what to expect but I do know that he was happy he was able to come along!  He even made some new friends.
There he is making himself all at home!
We had a lovely time visiting family, friends, and enjoying a little commerce! 

We finally purchased a bed, no more sleeping on the sleeper sofa after our California Christmas!

We headed back home to Battle Mountain and kidnapped his Mom!  More about all our shenanigan's in the next post!

(*I am disappointed in my lack of pictures with the family..I'll have to do a better job next visit*)

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