Whoooooo Knew?

It feels like time has flown by and at the same time it feels like we've been together a lot longer (in a good way of course).  Whooooooo knew that "Rando" would become my babeilicious and we'd still be going strong 4 years later?

We decided that we were going to celebrate our anniversary in Boise over the long MLK weekend. The trip was fabulous- we planned it perfectly!  E got off work early on Friday and we headed to Boise via NV-225/ID-51.  The scenery was beautiful, the sunset in the rear view was gorgeous, and we were conquering new territory.  Sometimes looking back both literally and figuratively is worth it; looking back at where you've been can be beautiful.  As E & I reflected on the past 4 years we both feel like we made the right decision about each other and that life is good...really good (okay, okay....we have our days like anyone else...but we laugh way more than we cry and we love way more than we argue).

We made a few stops on the way to Boise to take in the awesome scenery.

E finally decided on the Oxford Suites after about 2 weeks of researching and going back and forth.  That guy has such a hard time committing to hotels, plane tickets, flavors of gum, etc....I sometimes wonder how he ended up with me.  During check-in he was talked into the upgrade-steam shower and fireplace.  Yes please!  

Loaf especially enjoyed the warm fireplace.

The Nevada winter has taken it's toll on my precious skin.  I am so dry!  But of course I get acne like no other simultaneously.  So I sent Ethan to the store to pick up skin products for my face so I could try and fix the blemishes.  We stayed in, ordered pizza, and had a spa night.

He might kill me for this one :P

The plan was to shop on Saturday because most places were open.  Sunday was reserved for outdoorsy type stuff and nature centers.  Monday we were going to hit up Costco and head home.

Saturday we shopped until we dropped!  Of course the list of thrift stores and things I wanted to keep my eye out for was left at home...doh!  Don't worry, we got along just fine without it.  We thrifted- E did much better than I did this time around.  He picked up a Deluxe Fly Tying Kit, a nice piece of cabin decor for the house, and another PEET Shoe Dryer

I think I have been to more Cabela stores than any other gal around.  But you have to understand E needs an entirely different wardrobe of camo- we come from Mossy Oak and Realtree country, but now he needs the Seclusion 3D Open Country type pattern.  You understand don't you?
*To understand the difference I have included a link to the new jacket he purchased- click on the pattern squares.*

We were shopped out.  I was sucked into the Food Network Channel as we don't have TV at home.  That darn 'Chopped' gets me every time. E & Loaf on the other hand....had no problem relaxing and getting some shuteye.

Our outdoorsy day was fabulous.  

My love brought breakfast up to the room before we set out for the day.

We started off at REI purchasing a map of the area and another pair of binoculars with a gift card.  E is such a binoculars hog so I really wanted my own pair. We decided on a pretty sweet pair of binoculars.  I am looking forward to using them when we're out being adventurous around Battle Mountain because you wouldn't believe how well animals blend into the open country.

E did some research on cool trails and decided on Lower Hulls Gulch trail head which is part of the Ridge to Rivers Trail System .  The trail system was very nice, it had a route for everyone, a lot of mountain bikers, hikers, and dog lovers were out that morning.  Boise is very dog friendly in my opinion.  Loaf was a happy camper at the hotel and they didn't charge a ridiculous pet fee.  The trails were nice and you could let em' off leash.  Of course I don't trust Loaf to be off leash, as we all know he is like a honey badger and does not give a $%#&  even when his lovely mother is calling his name at the top of her lungs.  If he sees or picks up the scent of something, he's off in his own little world.

We also had the opportunity to check out the Idaho Fish & Game Morrison Knudsen Nature Center.  They have a scenic walk that is very nicely done and kept.  We really enjoyed strolling around checking out the fat city squirrels, the mallards, wood ducks, the yelling kingfishers, the fish pond, and even the deer.  I really hope we can take my Big Schmoo Baby to Boise when he visits this summer.

E's niece Anissa was heading to her new assignment at the Mountain Home Air Force Base while we were in Boise.  So she stopped in and we chatted it up a bit.  I really hope that we're able to see more of her now that we're only 4 hours away.

Just found this picture stalking your FB page!  I love it, an oldie but a goody!  Look at your sweet angelic faces.

Boise is a nice place, I could definitely live there someday if it's in the plan.  Our hope in moving to Battle Mountain was to explore the West, visit places we've never been, and create experiences to relive when we're old and wrinkly sitting in our rocking chairs on our wrap around porch sipping coffee.  I think that since we've moved out to Nevada- we're doing a pretty good job so far.  We took US-95 S home, which was a different route and allowed us to see more of the wild wild west.  This trip added two more states to our list.

In the spirit of an election year- I have elected to keep my babeilicious around for another 4-year term.  We're not stubborn to the point we don't work together- like our current political leaders.  When something is wrong or we have a disagreement- we deal with it, we find a solution.  The solution may be in the form of a compromise, but it's always in our best interest- not our individual special interests.  We don't let our issues linger, extend the length of our argument by enacting a temporary fix, or continue to point fingers at each other deepening the wounds.  We have pretty healthy spending habits- we don't spend more than we make.  We don't believe in entitlement, socialism doesn't work for us- our love is mutual, we work hard to keep it alive and we keep each other accountable.  We know that we "voted" to be with one another, we keep the promises that we make to each other, we don't take our positions with each other for granted, and we work hard to keep our relationship prosperous.  

If only the clowns in D.C.....
  • Understood that they work for the people
  • Made their campaign promises a reality
  • Didn't take their positions for granted (or their outrageous benefits)
  • Learned to balance a budget
  • Encouraged people to become contributing members of society rather than spread the entitlement epidemic
  • Were influenced by the public interest not the special interests
....Maybe things would turn around....Maybe?

Please note that our arrangement does not follow the two-term limit policy.

Boise's Capitol Building

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