Feeling Blessed.

We didn't get around to update the blog last week because we had little to write about with a quiet week and the news of a visitor we had our mind elsewhere. This week we are feeling super blessed and have more things to share.  So with the heat so crazy and my facebook post about not having a use for this weather because God didn't give me a hot bikini body....I thought I'd enlighten you with all the wonderful things I have been blessed with instead!

God didn't give me a bikini body but he gave me an imperfectly perfect Love.

It is already July, and we are still feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to live in Northern Minnesota.  The love shack has brought different challenges, so has "working" together, and other influencers- but all in all we are enjoying the time we have together living in the north woods. 
The Lady Slipper Festival was the weekend before last and we signed up for the first annual 5K.  It was a crazy morning weather wise but the rain held off for the 30 minutes it took most everyone to finish.  Ethan received the 2nd place ribbon for his are group!

Handsome Love with His Ribbon
Later that day he caught a sucker which is an ugly fish but rarely ever caught...he's so awesome.

Cute Dude...Ugly Fish 
E is also a pretty awesome dude because he wants to see everything and do everything!  It gets a little annoying when he reads every wayside sign and takes every piece of literature at rest stops.  But he takes me along for the ride and most everywhere has something magical about it!  For example he took me down Ash River to the Falls just yesterday!  It's outside the park but such a great place to visit.

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Voyageurs National Park is such a beautiful place that even Darius Rucker's crew is up here experiencing all the natural beauty from a houseboat!
God didn't give me a bikini body but he gave me the most supportive best friend a girl could ever find.

Steven came to visit, it was so good to see his face.  I might add that it's a whole lot thinner but that's because he has crazy self discipline.  Just another reason why he's so great!  He arrived last Friday and we had the opportunity to take him around the lake so we stopped off at Hoist Bay.
We tooled around Namakan and then hit up Ash-Ka-Nam for pizza.  Their pizza is fabulous but their service is gawd-awful!  Anyways back to my Steven and his wonderfulness.  It was great to catch up on things and business!  I love following the GT world and am looking forward to the possibility of more sales calls with him later this summer.  I think Steven's energy for free enterprise fuels my excitement for it so hopefully we're able to secure an account or two!

On Saturday we headed to International Falls and took in the Grand Tour on Rainy Lake.  Please excuse E's serious lack of fashion sense with his raincoat tied around his waist in the picture below- everything else considered I think it is a great picture.
Beautiful Day Beautiful Friendships
All in all I think it was a good visit and I am so thankful Steven made the trek to visit us!

God didn't give me a bikini body but he gave me awesome opportunities to enjoy mother nature.

This past Sunday I was able to get out and hike into a few of the interior lakes.  Probably the hottest day yet and I was a sweating machine but I wouldn't turn down a day to get outta the visitor center and explore.  Gary is a super-part-time employee of the park and is responsible for repairing the boats on the interior lakes.  He was originally supposed to go with the visitor use ranger but I lucked out and was able to tag along for the day. 

Besides the heat the trail was a bit wet and muddy.  In one area you actually walk along a beaver dam-one step off and you'll for surely get wet. 
 Of course my love for deer is ever intensifying the more and more I see of them!

The Hoist Bay Buck
Sullivan Bay- Cooling Off

Hide n' Seek- Ek Lake Literally 5 feet away

Locator Trail Head Bay
 On the Grand Tour we seen our first set of baby loons this summer.

We have been volunteering at the community bingo nights in Kabetogama, which we both have enjoyed. E calls the numbers and I sell refreshments!  We have become friends with Marlene a forever resident of the community and a overall wonderful woman!  Tonight is our last time volunteering for the summer- so I hope to snap a picture of E calling numbers!

Hope everyone back home and our friends around the globe are doing well!

E, J, and Loaf

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