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Our time off really does make everything worthwhile! We are able to explore some great towns in Northern Minnesota.  Last weekend we headed to the Chippewa National Forest to discover "The Lost Forty."  A couple that visited Voyageurs a week or two ago shared about "The Lost Forty" and we thought it sounded a lot like something that we would be interested in so we planned a day trip to check it out.  Navigator E took us through the little town of Effie, MN- they had a wonderful wayside so of course we had to stop but I didn't mind because the little store had clean bathrooms.

E ALWAYS has to read those darn signs!

While we were there reading the waysides there was this couple geocaching.  I didn't really know what they were talking about at the time so we couldn't offer up any help.  However, I am so late on this-there are over a million caches and it would really make our roadtrips more fun for me!  I am considering investing in a GPS.

We also stopped in Big Fork small little town- a lot of closed shops indicated that the city may have seen its prime.  I love the cutouts so of course we had to pull over and take a picture- excuse the obnoxious size...I just think its so funny! 

Love this picture...of course my fish is bigger!

The turn off for our destination was near Dora Lake.  We pulled over to take this awesome shot of the pelicans.  It is so surreal to see this beautiful bird on Northern Minnesota lakes.

Dora Lake Pelicans
The Lost Forty turned out to be a great little hike with interpretive signs along the way.  The trees were beautiful. 

Pretty Big Trees & Smile

Favorite shot looking up into the canopy

On our way out.

E being E...most always has to take a different route home.  You know- you never want to be too predictable the enemy might be watching.  So on the way back home we took Highway 2 east and had the opportunity to see what Lake Winnibigoshish was all about.  First off, this building was along Highway 2...E is currently seeking an architect who can build a huge walleye house for us.

Our dream home.

Lake Winnie is huge!  You can't even see across it, we were so surprised when we pulled in because there was one truck/trailer in the parking lot otherwise the boat launch was empty- and we couldn't see a boat for the life of us.  But we hung out awhile and enjoyed the view.

Family Picture.
 Our lifestyle choice has certainly presented many opportunities to meet amazing people from all over! 

That couple that I mentioned earlier looking for a cache in Effie.  They were signed up for tours on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  It was fun to see them each day and learn of their geocaching challenges and successes.  We chatted a bit each day and I really enjoyed meeting them.  

Not to mention the faces we see in our own little community of Whispering Pines.  Our neighbors Rich and Kathy are from Colorado and are wonderful!  They are a young retired couple and have taken advantage of living here in the north woods.  They have kayaked much of the lake, Rich has learned fishing techniques for walleye and northern, Kathy is a domestic goddess- she's a great baker and seamstress.

I just recently met my favorite visitors of the summer thus far.  Dennis and Karen are a married couple that have been RVing full time for 3 years.  They too are a very young retired couple looking to conquer the world.  Dennis and Karen met at a classical concert in Budapest in 1998.  Dennis is from Colorado and Karen  is originally from South Africa.  She has the most precious endearing accent.  I really enjoyed chatting with them and appreciated them being so open to share their story.  They are on E's Kettle Falls tour today.

Other than that the time has come to start thinking about our next move and where we go from here.  So we would appreciate all the prayer and positive thoughts to find something that fits with our schedule leaving Voyageurs, fits E's career goals, and is all a part of God's plan. 

E, J, & Loaf

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