Visitors...Ours. Not the Parks.

Apologies for the delay in posting an update!  We had our first visitors of the summer, Dad, Schmoo, Ginger & Rocky arrived on Sunday and then our friend Stacy and her husband Kevin came up on Thursday!
Last week Friday E & I went on a little field trip in the park to explore more of Namakan Lake.  We ventured out as far as Junction Bay, swept around Wolf Pack Islands, and took a little break at Hoist Bay.  Hoist Bay is a visitor destination in Voyageurs National Park and personally my favorite.  It’s an old commercial logging camp turned resort- there are remnants of both eras that are pretty cool.  There is a beautiful swing that I am in love with….it’s very romantical.

Sunday morning we received a call from my Dad just about the time we were heading off to work.  He was already in the park!  We didn’t expect them so early but were so glad they had arrived safely!  They stopped down at the Visitor Center and Dad snapped great shots of E in uniform with his new awesome camera!

Time went by so slow at work all week long seeing we had to work and Schmoo, Dad, and the babies were out playing!  But we took advantage of the opportunies to spend time together every night.
  • Fishing a few nights
  • Working with Schmoo on his Discovery Pack and Junior Ranger Club programs kept us busy!
  • Rocky finally learned how to swim.
  • Schmoo Baby couldn’t get enough of the water.
  • We took a short drive to Orr and experienced all that lovely city has to offer.
  • Dad's infamous drives down random dirt roads.

On Thursday our friends Stacy and Kevin showed up with a love shack that put our vintage baby to shame!  Our visitors stay’s overlapped and Stacy and Kevin were such good sports about humoring Taylor and all his stories! Thank you to the both of them for being so flexible in their mini-staycation in Whispering Pines.

Stacy when my Dad wins the lottery we are all going to that magical place!

Our visitors pulled outta here on Friday afternoon and things became quiet again.  We caught up on our sleep and rested for our 5K.  I better save a few of the stories for this Thursday as I’m sure it will be a quiet week.

XOXO to our visitors this past week-Thank you for coming up and hanging out with us!

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  1. THANK YOU For the wonderful visit!! So Happy to see your Beautiful face!! Lucy had a blast-as you can see-she is still sleepy from her visit :)
    It was great to meet your Dad and of course Schmoo. LOVE the stories and can't wait for your dad to win the lottery-looking forward to that magical place!! Thank you again! XOXO