Guns & Puppies

After all the excitement from the fair and the rodeo last week- we played it pretty low key this week. 

Last weekend we headed out to a Kabetogama State Forest area to shoot the .22.   There is something about state forests, dirt roads, and guns that reminds me of going to Badora State Forest with my Dad when I was younger.  Before I even started deer hunting we would go up and camp in the woods or make a day trip from the family cabin in Garrison.  Many good memories were made there…it’s too bad much of it has been logged and potlatched now.

E definitely has an awesome shot- I’m pretty impressed by his ability to shoot so accurately at such a long distance.  I, however, am a bit more reserved about shooting at a ridiculous range.  Dad always told me not to make a shot I wasn’t sure about it- so I kept it a little closer than E but I hit the target.  MeatLoaf hid under the truck but didn’t bark- so maybe with a bit more training there is hope of him becoming hunting dog after all.

E♥Love's Awesome Shot

I have a feeling E and I will miss our time here in the Northwoods.  We have played so many games of farkle, cribbage, rummy, and dominos since our arrival in May.   I can’t remember when the last time we played card and dice games together in the cities.  It’s fun for us- especially since we are both so competitive.   And just for the record I kicked his butt in dominos and rummy this past week!

Loaf and I are a dynamic Duo
The highlight of the week was the return of Bailey- a precious 6.5 lb. Yorkie.  A woman came into the visitor center on Tuesday morning to share that her little Yorkie went missing on Moxie Island.  The family was camping on the island for about a week, as they packed their stuff in the boat to leave and called for Bailey she was nowhere to be found.  They unpacked the boat and stayed an extra night in hopes that she would return.  Jane, Bailey’s mom, came into the visitor center in hopes of someone maybe finding her.  No such luck- but I was distraught most of the day thinking about poor Bailey- either as an Eagle snack or lost out on the island.  Jane filled out a quick report and left her number just in case Bailey was found.

When E and I got home I told him we had to go look for Bailey- I just wouldn’t be able to sleep if we didn’t go out there and try to look for her.  So against our better judgment we got in the boat and headed toward Moxie Island.  Moxie Island is about 7 miles west toward the open part of Kabetogama.  Let’s just say that the weather forecast estimated wind gusts up to 25 mph.  There were white caps on the lake, and we got drenched the entire way there.  E kept looking at me like really- we are doing this?  And I just kept telling him, “WE CANNOT ABORT THIS MISSION!”  I really didn’t get scared until we got closer to Moxie and were more vulnerable to the wind as the lake opened up.  I put on my life jacket if that gives you any idea of how intense the wind and waves were!

We beached the boat at the campsite, and made a plan to walk in about 75 yards and walk the length of the island.  E led the way and used the marking tape every 40 feet or so.  We hooted and hollered her name for over an hour.  We thought we heard barking and got so excited and then when we heard it again….it was a raven-very disappointing.  We reached the other side of the island and headed back to the boat.  It was getting dark and we had to end the search and rescue mission.  I was really hoping we would find her!  I not only wanted to be Jane’s superhero but I can’t imagine losing my Loaf!

She's so precious.
E and I got back to the love shack and had grilled cheese and tomato soup- E prayed for Bailey at dinner.  I was even considering sending Jane a condolences card because I know how devastating it is when you lose a pet.  On Wednesday E and I were manning the visitor center and a whole family of about 12 came to the visitor center with….BAILEY!  Prayer answered!!!  They had found her that morning!  I couldn’t believe it!  Bailey made it 2 nights by herself on Moxie Island.  Moxie has an eagle’s nest and currently 3 eagles residing in it.  After our SAR and no Bailey- I really thought she went to Doggy heaven.  But was so relieved to find out that a family found her! 

Bailey would have been such a good GF for Loaf
The family was looking to continue their family vacation and left Bailey with us!  Bailey’s mom and dad were driving from Duluth so it took some time for the reunion.  I spent a lovely half hour with her!

Lesson learned though…I am guilty of letting Loaf run sometimes…so no more of that business! 
E, J & Loaf

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