Goodbye July Hello August

Well August has arrived and we had an exciting weekend. While in Effie, MN a couple of weeks ago we learned of the upcoming annual rodeo, so we decided to give it a try. Our friend Jessica decided to go along with us. She drove us there along hwy 1 a scenic route in N. MN, so scenic in fact she doubted whether or not I knew how to get there. After arriving in Effie and at the rodeo grounds the excitement was building. There were people on horses and the stands were packed with people.
58th Annual Rodeo in Effie
My first stop was the outhouse, one outhouse said “mares” the other wasn’t named. However there was a handicap outhouse so I used that one instead. Not being a horse person I confirmed with Jess S. that a “mare” was a female horse. Good thing I didn’t choose that one. The rodeo was off to a wild start with bare back bronco riding. Cowboys were being thrown all over and horses were running into fences, just what everyone came to see.  

After the action at the rodeo we headed to Bigfork to plan our next move. Talk started to surface that maybe the St. Louis County Fair was in full swing. After my Jess used her amazing Blackberry skills it was confirmed that the fair was a go. We decided to take another scenic route, this time choosing hwy 38 towards. After an hour and a half we arrived in Chisholm, MN ready for anything those food vendors in their trailers could throw at us. Not only did we find gyros, pop, and mini-donuts, we also found corn-on-the-cob, “yum!” 

One cool thing that we checked out was a traveling competition called “Dock Dogs” where these happy pooches run down a  runway, and jump as high as they can to retrieve a suspended chewy. I would like to see how Loaf and Rocky would fare?

dockdogs is even sponsored by Cabelas!
At any fair my favorite stop is always the livestock, I love hearing the cows moo and watching the pigs sleep. They even had a fake udder where I practiced my future hobby farm skills.

Udderly Fun!
J and I also hit the water this past week looking for the usual suspects. While on our hunt J spotted an old hunting shack in the woods. We tied off the boat and I checked it out. It was an old hunting shack all right, but there were also blueberries to snack on. Those are always a plus. 
Picking Blueberries for My Love.
While fishing J can sometimes have the patience of a pushy salesman, she even asked me why I take her out there. I responded that I do so because she can get better cell-phone reception on the lake, and enjoy the blueberries that I bring her. Well what would you know; no sooner than I said that she said that she had a fish. I reeled in and started to expand the net. She was fighting the fish and it was pulling line. She said that it felt like a pike. As it came to towards the surface I shouted that it wasn’t a pike but a walleye. We were both excited and I told her not to lose it as it made another dive towards the depths. I finally netted it and we both laughed and shouted. It was J’s biggest walleye ever.
23 inches about 5 pounds
While still on the lake, she utilized the great reception to call dad and tell him the news. While on the phone she reeled in another walleye. I guess that is why I bring her out there.

15 inches about 2 pounds
We wish everyone the best and thank you for your support and prayers. We hope that each of you are having amazing summers as well, and we can’t wait to hear all about it the next time we meet up!

Until then,
E, J, & Loaf

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