Celebrations of Sorts.

Last weekend we had a wonderful time in Pennsylvania with E’s family.  Aaron and Sue had a beautiful wedding; gorgeous bride, handsome groom, beautiful church, delicious food, wonderful venue, and of course the special touches did not go unnoticed- chocolates’ representing home states, hotel giftbags, fans for the ceremony, cheesecake martini bar, the mock-tini….it was wonderful!  Geography makes it difficult to see his family as often as we would like- so it was really nice to have everyone in one place.

The Precious Bride & Groom

Look at my handsome love in a tux!

Barbara & Her Baby

The Best Man & Maid of Honor
E & I hope the newlyweds are having a fabulous honeymoon in Germany!

We stayed in a suburb of Philly so we obviously had to make the trip to Geno’s for an authentic cheesesteak.  Ethan’s brother Dana came with us to enjoy the deliciousness of what a cheesesteak with whiz entails. 
Team Geno's

On Sunday before we headed back to the wilderness we celebrated Schmoo Baby’s, my Dad’s, and E’s June Birthdays-plus it was Father’s Day!  We had an awesome steak dinner and a DQ Reese’s Blizzard Cake for dessert!  Two thumbs up for the Blizzard Cake it was delicious!  I really do have the BEST Dad in the world!
I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to go eagle banding this year!  Researchers have studied the eagle population here at Voyageurs National Park for almost 40 years.  This year 75 nests were observed and 38 of them had incubating pairs.  On Monday I was able to go out with the two gentlemen from the University of Maryland and Lee Grimm the Resources guy who heads this project up every year.  Probably the coolest thing I’ve done all summer!  The researcher climbed the tree and whispered sweet nothings to the eaglet, the adult eagles made all sorts of ruckus and flew overhead, the researcher put the eaglet into a bag and hoisted it down, and then the other researcher took all sorts of data from it and about it; plucked a few feathers, drew blood, measured its beak, talons, and weight.

Sassy the Eagle
Other than that it has been a quiet week, the weather has been wet and windy.  Those are not conducive conditions for the boat so we’ve been catching up on our sleep from this past weekend. 

We have big plans for the weekend ahead!!!!  Miss Barbara gave birth to E-Love 28 years ago tomorrow!  We are heading to Itasca State Park also known as the Mississippi River Headwaters to celebrate the important day!

Check back next Thursday…Ethan will share all about the adventure!

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