It ain't all sunshine- Transitional Pains

The "new" has worn away and now the realities of being 5 hours from the Twin Cities have slapped me in the face. The pace is turtle slow, my capabilities out number the responsibilities, some peoples' personalities rub me the wrong way, some people don't know that silence is okay or when to shut their traps, doing nothing is exhausting and when it rains E & I are stuck in a 1978-20 foot travel trailer.  By Summer's end I am hoping the positives outweigh the negatives.

God knows I am going crazy because all of my e-devos are speaking right to me.  I always ask for patience and it never gets any easier. I just get more lessons.  When I shared with people my plans to move north for the summer they called me crazy.  Turns out I'm not crazy but there are crazies up here let me tell you.

This week has certainly had its upsides;

Canoeing is so much fun when your paddle partner knows what they are doing!  The first time E and I went for a canoe trip it was down the St. Croix- I thought I was going to hurt him.  I ended up paddling by myself some of the way because he had us doing circles down the river.  He's definatley improved and it makes for such a better time out on the water.  He even caught a fish while we were out!

Kettle Falls is an old hotel in the Park built in the early 1910's and is still around.  E & I had the opportunity to visit last week during the latter part of training.

Kettle Falls

Cold Springs Deer Farm has the best ice cream and E & I were able to see one of the new additions!  I love deer!


For those of you who have been asking about MeatLoaf...he's loving it!  He's the watch dog at the Love Shack during the day and when we get home he's hiking, fishing, or tooling around the area with us.  He's such a Ham.
They're both hams!

I got off to a slow start this fishing season, like many of the other anglers up here- so I don't feel too bad about my lack of trophy fish.  I finally caught my first fish of the season last night, just a northern pike but I am on the board.  The score is tied now E-3 J-3!

1st Fish of the Season

Happy Trails,

E & J

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