Gone Fishing.

Well, another week has passed and it’s time for an update. Starting first with days off (those are the most important).  The forecast was calling for thunderstorms both days off, not the outlook one wants to see if they planned on being on a boat. So we switched gears and got our land legs back by taking a trip to Ely, MN or also known as, Canoe Capital U.S.A. We took the back-roads hoping to see wildlife. We saw a lot of deer but no moose, wolves, or black bears. We went hiking into a couple back-country lakes that were beautiful and that we would like to portage a canoe into soon.
Astrid Lake
 The trail even had the MN state flower, the Showy Ladyslipper, blooming which was our first glimpse this year.
Pleasant Surprise
Once we got to Ely we hit the International Wolf Center. The exhibits were well done, but we didn’t get to see the wolves because they were hiding in the woods. We had worked up an appetite so picked the Chocolate Moose to end our hunger. They aren’t related to the Chocolate Moose in International  Falls if you were wondering. The food was great and the pie was awesome. We hit the road again heading back home, but we first stopped at Bear Head Lake State Park to scout it out, and I think there may be a future post containing an update from there.
Now to the fishing, J picked up her first walleye of the year within seconds of putting her line in the water.
1st Walleye of the Season
I was happy for her, but I couldn’t let that stand so I caught a couple of my own a few days later.
2 Walleye to J's 1
We hope that everyone is well and can’t wait to see everyone in Philly next week at Aaron’s wedding.
That’s all for now I need to get my line in the water.
E, J, & Meatloaf

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