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We decided to explore the west end of the park last weekend because we’re heading to Philadelphia this weekend!  I am glad we did because the weather cooperated and we spotted all sorts of wildlife.  On Friday afternoon we set out to explore Gold Portage.  Gold Portage is at the Northwest end of Kabetogama Lake, it is a less frequented area with plenty of waterfowl.
Gold Portage

On the short portage to see the rapids, Meat was driving us all sorts of crazy!  I swear if he wasn’t so high strung and anxious he’d be a fabulous hunting dog.  E was going to do away with him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let him do it.

Loafy can be so naughty
These families of Common Goldeneyes were so precious and fluffy!  Did you know Goldeneyes are one of the last ducks species to migrate south for the fall?  The females are also known to lay their eggs in another female’s nest…who does that?
Common Goldeneye Babies
We camped for the first time in the park this summer at the Windigo site.  It was a great location on the peninsula as all the island sites were occupied.  In the evening a beaver visited the small bay in front of the site.  The Loons visited in the morning making all sorts of ruckus.
Sweetie was interested in other things

On Saturday morning we took our time packing up and fished for a bit on the west end.  I must say fishing is off to a very slow start!  However, my future professional fisherman caught a gi-normous perch!  Biggest perch I have actually ever seen with my own eyes measuring 13 inches in length and just over a pound!   It was so much  fun to watch him reel it in, help him net it and then discover it was a perch-not an intended walleye.
I love his energy
E also started his Kettle Falls Cruise tours last Sunday!  It was a sold out boat and he had very happy visitors on the return, I was so proud of my Park Ranger!  I on the other hand am continuing to hold up the walls in the visitor center Sunday through Thursday.
I have some very sad news to share… I was a little saddened when we seen the porcupine on the way to work in the morning but E scrapped him off the road and flung him in the ditch to decompose.  Even worse, I was absolutely devastated when we saw turkey vultures flying ahead-another fawn was hit!  If you know me, you know I love deer…it was tragic. 
Examining the Poor Guy

Peace be with you

However to avoid another wildlife travesty my wonderful Park Ranger friends helped the painted turtle cross the road.
This picture makes me laugh

We’re on our way to Philly in the morning for E’s brother Aaron’s wedding!  We’re hoping to grab a Philly cheesesteak before the weekend is over!  Gino’s or Pat’s??

E, J, & Loaf

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